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Activates muscle growth. Increases glycogen reserves.

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L-Glutamine is an amino acid that is not essential BUT THAT THE BODY HAS A HUGE DEMAND FOR and therefore taking a glutamine supplement helps protein synthesis and prevents muscle catabolism in situations where there is oxidative stress.

It is useful for those who want to increase muscle mass and recover quickly after hard and intense workouts. The procedure for proper supplementation with glutamine is:

> An intake of 5 to 10g on an empty stomach during the first week.

> The second and third week, a second dose of 5 to 10g should be taken 90 minutes after training.

> From the third week onwards, another extra dose of 5 grams should be taken before going to bed.

Normally 1 gram of glutamine is recommended per 10kg of bodyweight.

For example, for a person that weighs 80kg, the first week they should take 8 grams of glutamine, the following two weeks 16 grams and finally 21 grams.

It is important not to exceed a daily intake of 25g as the body usually has great difficulty in metabolizing a larger amount. L-glutamine should not be consumed before training.

INGREDIENTS: 99.3% L-glutamine, sweetener (sucralose), anticaking agent (silicon dioxide).

RECOMMENDED CONSUMPTION: 5g per day: dissolve the contents of the measuring spoon in a glass of water. The measuring spoon contains approximately 5g of product.

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Activates muscle growth. Increases glycogen reserves.

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