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It combines all of the active ingredients that naturally stimulate the production of testosterone, resulting in enhanced performance and male vigour:

ANABOLIC TESTRIBULAN CAPSULE:  with 150 mg of D-aspartic Acid / 150 mg Tribulus terrestris / 50 mg of Maca / 50 mg Avena sativa / 50 L-arginine / L-ornithine 50 mg / 50 mg L-lysine / 1 mg Natural Transferulic Acid.  Increased muscle mass / Increases the endurance of muscular strength / Delays the onset of fatigue and facilitates recovery

CAPSULES WITH 300mg OF MACA: Revitalizing and invigorating tonic, fights fatigue / Excellent source of energy / Restores loss of sexual appetite.

GLUTATHIONE REDUCTASE CAPSULE with 50mg of glutathione reductase / 200 mg of N-methylglycine. Antioxidant / Stimulates the synthesis of amino acids.

HMB MAX CAPSULE: with 250mg of HMB / 20 mg of taurine / 40μg of chromium / 2.5μg of vitamin B12. Strengthens muscle mass / Prevents fatigue / Antioxidant

TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS MAX CAPSULE with 300 mg of Tribulus Terrestris / 100mg of sativa oat / 100mg of Magnesium / 4.9mg of Zinc.  Improves sexual performance / Improves athletic performance, muscle mass / Stimulates endogenous testosterone.

NITRIC OXIDE TABLETS with 700mg of Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate. Increases muscle growth / Increases the speed of recovery and endurance / Increases sexual vigour / Increases training capacity

EACH PACK CONTAINS: 1 capsule of Testribulan Anabolic (red), 1 capsule of Maca (ivory coloured), 1 tablet of nitric oxide, 1 capsule of glutathione (white), 1 capsule of Tribulus Terrestris Max (green), 1 capsule of HMB Max (beige).

RECOMMENDED CONSUMPTION: 1 pack each day during breakfast, with plenty of fluids.

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