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Creatine or methyl-guanidinoacetic acid is a natural substance that is synthesized in the liver, pancreas and kidneys from three amino acids (argininia, glycine and methionine).

Creatine is used by athletes to increase muscle strength and body weight.MEGAPLUS Creatine is the best quality and purity available on the international market.

The advantage of monohydrate creatine is that it easily replenishes ATP, which is the energy used by the muscle to contract.Another feature of creatine in the monohydrate form is that it improves muscle hydration and has a (temporary) bulking effect.

Having analysed these effects, we concluded that regular consumption of creatine facilitates increased muscle mass produced by training, either by stimulating the synthesis of muscle proteins or by making it possible to carry out higher quality training.There are studies that show that consuming creatine for periods of up to three weeks has no adverse effects and therefore a supplement with creatine can help to improve athletic performance without having a harmful effect on health.

INGREDIENTS FOR POWDER:100% creatine monohydrate. Creapure®

RECOMMENDED CONSUMPTION FOR POWDER:the first 5 days, 20 grams divided into 4 doses (200mg/kg body weight). For maintenance, 5 grams daily divided into several doses. Maintain for four weeks and then rest. 5g can also be taken once before and once after training. It is advisable to take it with some hydrates or drinks with a high glycemic index. It is recommended take a drink at least one hour before and after exercise. To prepare a drink,dissolve four dispenser scoops (30g) in 300ml of water. For 33 servings.

INGREDIENTS for Creatine chewable tablets: Creatine monohydrate (Creapure®) 1000 mg, sweeteners (xylitol, aspartame), emulsifier (fatty acid magnesium salts). Strawberry flavouring.

RECOMMENDED CONSUMPTION for Creatine chewable tablets: the first 5 days,20 tablets divided into 4 doses. For maintenance, 5 tablets daily divided into several doses.




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