OVOAVENA - Egg white pancakes and oat

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Athletes need protein intake to maintain their muscles and energy intake to be able to carry out their activities; with OVOAVENA we achieve this objective. A good way to complete an athlete's diet is to eat OVOAVENA -egg white cakes (the egg white is the most balanced protein as regards its profile of amino acids, it contains 13% of the proteins of high biological value) with oatmeal (a cereal rich in starch, a complex carbohydrate energy source for our body, in addition it is one of the richest cereals in proteins), it is a balanced mixture of carbohydrates and proteins.

INGREDIENTS: oats, dehydrated egg white, sweetener (sucralose).

RECOMMENDED CONSUMPTION: mix 30 g of product (3 scoops) with 90 ml of water, cook on medium heat IN A NON-STICK SKILLET, turn over when one side is cooked. Consume it at breakfast, as a dessert or between meals.

It is recommended not to eat it very hot in order to enjoy the flavour.



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