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Lactic Acid Inhibitor

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When beginning a physical activity, glucose burning is activated to obtain muscular energy; if energy requirements are very high and fast, it passes to anaerobic glycolysis and as a result causes excessive production of lactic acid. This concentrates in muscles and blood causes premature fatigue and decreased muscle coordination.

In high intensity exercises, the organism needs energy to be generated quickly, to avoid this limit situation, it must contribute fuel from outside; i.e., carbohydrate concentrates glucose, fructose) of fast absorption, to avoid depleting the glycogen reserves.

INHIBILAK is an energy gel based on glucose and fructose, that blends the speed of assimilation of 2 sugars, with the stimulator properties of caffeine and citrulline malate at avoid the accumulation of lactic acid in the organism.

Taking INHIBILAK before, during and after effort helps avoid pain during exercise and gives sufficient energy to perform prolonged physical activity.

INGREDIENTS: glucose syrup, water, fructose syrup, acidulant (citric acid), aroma (cola nut extract), fiber (glucomannan 0.4%), citrulline malate, valine, aroma (lemon), vitamin C, preservative (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate), caffeine, taurine, gluconate of iron, vitamin B6, vitamin B1. Elevated caffeine content (20 mg/100ml).

Recommended consumption: take before, during and after physical exercise

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Lactic Acid Inhibitor

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