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Contributes energy immediately.

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Resistance sports that involve a great use of strength and intense wear (cycling, football and soccer, basketball, triathlon etc...) are characterized by very high metabolization and consumption of carbohydrates; being mostly anaerobic sports, they require a constant contribution of energy, exhausting glycogen reserves in a short time.

To counteract this consumption the contribution of a preparation rich in carbohydrates, as CHUPETIN, is appropriate. This contributes fast-absorption carbohydrates (glucose, honey, pineapple juice) that maintain the intensity of exercise, B group vitamins, vitamin C and panthotenic acid, metabolic activators (guarana extract, citrulline malate, caffeine). Supplementing with CHUPETIN ensures recuperating glycogen deposits quickly.

INGREDIENTS: depending on the flavor: glucose syrup, fruit juice (grape and raspberry) from concentrate, water, honey, royal jelly, acid (citric acid), flavors (grape, ginseng extract and kola nut extract), L-citrulline, conservative (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate), ferrous gluconate.

Recommended consumption: take a CHUPETIN before, during or after exercise to ensure supplemental energy.

FLAVORS: Pineapple and berries

FORMAT: Single dose tube of 20 g in box of 20 units.


Un chute de energía rápida

Los uso en mis carreras largas, me lo tomo un pelin antes de una subida y me da fuerza extra. ¡Me van geniales!

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    Contributes energy immediately.

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