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Fat-burner. Transforms fat into energy.

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L-carnitine is known as the fat-burning amino acid.

It facilitates the use of lipids and acellerates the metabolism of fats; it ensures the transport of lipids toward the cellular mitochondria, where the fats are burned to provide energy.

A supplement with L-carnitine is recommended to help to transform fat into the necessary energy to perform our daily activities.

L-carnitine prevents the loss of muscle tissue and stimulates the secretion of growth hormone, making it useful against tiredness. Supplementation with L-carnitine 1500 mg MEGAPLUS ensures:

- Weight loss due to decrease in fat deposits 

- Increased energy due to burning fats.

L-carnitina 1500 mg MEGAPLUS is reinforced with vitamin B6 (2 mg per vial), a vitamin necessary for synthesis of L-carnitine and for the absorption and metabolism of proteins.

INGREDIENTS: water, L-carnitine (15%), acidifier (citric acid), flavorings, sweetener (sucralosa), vitamin B6.

RECOMMENDED CONSUMPTION:1 vial per day, one hour before exercise.

FORMAT: box with 20 vials of 10 ml

FLAVOR: citrus

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Fat-burner. Transforms fat into energy.

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